Mister Mystery #12 CGC 2.0


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Classic Horror Cover: Injury to Eye / Decapitation Panel.

Cover by Bernard Baily. Stories and art by Hy Fleishman and others. Pre-Code horror tales from Aragon, an imprint of Stanley Morse Publications. Scientists seeking a subterranean paradise where people live forever instead find horrifying monsters. A man gets wishes from a genie and uses them for the perfect crime spree, but makes one wish too many, in a story featuring a pre-Code decapitation panel. Cover by Bernard Baily is the all-time classic “injury-to-the-eye motif” cover, a strange pre-Code horror trend. Shangri-La; Unknown Factor; The Curse of Aladdin; The Monster; The Trap. 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.


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